Hansa’s Dabhi has been on the forefront of bringing Indian Vegetarian Cuisine to the mainstream restaurant scene in Leeds and Yorkshire since 1986.

Her all women staff, serve her blend of Gujarati Vegetarian home-cooking, with touches of her East African upbringing, which has been highly acclaimed and won her many awards over the years, the latest being voted, ’Curry Chef of the Year 2010’, and being recognised for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Leeds Restaurant Industry’ by the Leeds Restaurant Association in 2008. “This is truely the most prestigious award. To be acknowledged by your fellow professionals is very special, a real landmark in anyones life time”, says Hansa.

“I have modified my style of cooking to suit most palates, whilst still maintaining the distinct Gujarati taste. I sincerely hope that you’ll like what you eat and there is no greater compliment than seeing you here again”, says Hansa.​


“Over the years the whole atmosphere around us has changed. People have come to accept that ‘there is Life beyond meat’ and ‘we can eat a whole vegetarian meal and enjoy it’. Even today some 600 millions Hindus enjoy it everyday of their lives, so there is still hope for the rest of us.”​

Hansa’s Indian Vegetarian Cookbook, which she wrote, published and marketed herself, is highly acclaimed by the food critics of the Times, the Guardian and the Observer as well.​

Her second cook-book -Hansa’s more than just a restaurant…It’s my l life! celebrating the 25th year of the opening of this remarkable restaurant.The cook-book is now available form Waterstones and all goobookshops as well as at the restaurant itself.

Hansa and her husband Kishor are now taking small groups of their customers on guided tours to Gujarat and other parts of India, through Hansa’s Heritage Tours, to give them the real experience of the mother country.

The story of Hansa’s goes on and on, thanks to your help and support.

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    Class no 1- Hansa's Starters

    The new series of classes commences today with Hansa's mouth-watering starters. In this lesson you'll join 6 other students to learn how to cook at least 6 different starters under supervision and will be surprised to see how simple it is. Please look at cookery school page for dates...