The last of the 2019 series of Hansa’s ‘hands-on Cookery Classes’ will ended on Sat. 3th Aug ’19. Most of our students were complete novices when it came to cooking Indian dishes but they were all passionate about learning to cook. Many of our students would now have completed the full series of our classes over the past two years.

New Format for 2020

Since our retirement from running a restaurant, we are able to offer our cookery classes more often. Our new format is going to be to run the full series of eight classes covered over four weekends in a month, which will be repeated three times a year. So you’ll be able to take part in our full course in the month of February, June or October if you wish, or spread out over the three months depending on the time available in your diary. Please have a look at the dates below. There will be a class running in the morning and the afternoon on each of the days, to accommodate the demand.

CORPORATE EVENTS: One of the other areas of interest has been the Team Building Events for corporate clients when groups of workers attended one of Hansa’s Cookery Sessions and learnt how to cook some of Hansa’s dishes, under her expert guidance. They had to work as a team to produce some dishes in a given time then they were judged for their team performance. Everyone had a great time competing against each other but all enjoyed the fruits of their labour afterwards. A perfect way to bring people together to interact with each other.


A lot of our students were bought a Hansa’s Cookery Class Voucher as a birthday or Christmas present which they used to book on to one of the classes. They inevitably booked themselves on to more of our classes, after having sampled the fun they had during Hansa’s Cookery classes. A couple of people bought the full Hansa’s Cookery Course (8 sessions) for their spouses as a Christmas present, which was fantastic because the present lasted a whole year and the family will be reaping the benefits of the course for years to come.


Our new series of classes for 2020 is starting on Sat 1st February when Hansa will be cooking some of her most popular Starters, so please do enrol as soon as possible. The full list of Hansa’s Classes are shown below. You can book by sending a request to www.info@hansasrestaurant.com then we’ll contact you back with the relevant information.

Please note that all of the classes will run for approximately three hours starting at 10am and finishing with lunch and afternoon session starting at 2.30pm finishing with a dinner.

STARTERS – Hansa’s Sharuaat

Sat 1st Feb/6th June/3rd Oct ’20

The sheer variety of snacks we Gujaratis make is simply mindboggling. Hansa will show you how a few of these delightful spicy snacks can be can be made with ease.


Sun 2nd Feb/7th June/4th Oct ’20.

These are larger snacks, which are very popular with our customers. They are small delightful meals that can fill in the gap between meals or form a surprise on any dinner table.


As there are a great variety of main courses, this section will be split up into two sessions:

Lilotri – Green Vegetable Curries

Kathor – Bean and Pulses Curries

LILOTRI – Green Vegetable Curries:

Sat 8th Feb/13th June/10th Oct ’20

Hansa will use the commonly available vegetables which provide the vitamins, minerals and fibres like Aubergine, Cauliflower, Spinach and many other Indian green vegetables to make some mouth-watering curries that are very popular with our customers.

KATHOR – Beans and Pulses Curries:

Sun 9th Feb/14th June/11th Oct ’20.

We Gujaratis use many types of exotic beans and pulses that are now becoming very commonly available in most supermarkets. They are very tasty when mixed with the right spices provide proteins, roughage and fibre to balance the meal.

BREADS: Sat 15th Feb/20th June/17th Oct ’20.Chappaties and Naans are very common accompaniments for most curries, but we make a large variety of breads like Puris, Rotlis, Parethas, Baturas, etc, that are not commonly known to most people. In this session you’ll make at least six different types of breads with Hansa which will form plain, spicy or sweet accompaniments to any meal.

RICE: Sun 16th Feb/21st June/18th Oct ’20.Gujarati rice dishes are very popular. We start with the basic plain rice and then develop the theme to cook six other rice dishes, each varied in taste, texture and fragrance. Some rice dishes can be an accompaniment to curries while others, such as Biryani can be a meal in itself.


Sat 22nd Feb/27th June/24th Oct ’20

Gujarati pickles provide the spicy bite to any Indian or western meal. You’ll prepare a host of pickles for all occasions and tastes in this session, made with just a few ingredients and a lot of love. Perfect for planning your Christmas table or the hampers.


Sun 23rd Feb/28thJune/25th Oct ’20.

We Gujaratis have a very sweet tooth and therefore are well known for making delightful, colourful and mouth-watering desserts. In this session you’ll get a chance to make some of the desserts which were very popular at Hansa’s restaurant, to add to your culinary repertoire.


Cost only £70 for a 3hr session or £60 if you book 4 or more classes for yourself. All the utensils, ingredients and an apron are included. Each session will end with lunch or dinner.