About Us

The state of Gujarat, an area about the same size as England, is on the western coast of India. As with the rest of India, it is predominantly a Hindu state.

Hindus are forbidden to kill any living creature, especially for food, so vegetarianism has been a way of life from time immemorial. Over thousands of years vegetarian cookery has been developed into a delicate and precise art. This menu represents a very small selection of a vast and rich culinary heritage.

Our menu consists of Starters (Sharuaat), our own specialities, a section on vegetable curries (Lilotri) and Beans or Pulse curries (Kathor) and of course the sweets (Mistaan).

It has been our experience that if you each ordered a starter or our unique specialties to begin with, followed by a main course each, then you will have enough room to left for our mouthwatering and not-to-be-missed desserts to finish off with.

The emphasis at Hansa’s is on sharing and experimenting, so feel free to share your dishes and enjoy the meal together. There are no set rules on how to eat but I eat with my fingers.

Every dish at Hansa’s is freshly prepared to your order so please be patient, as it does take a little time.